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The lighting industry being one that is dynamic, there has been a transition to LED technology as it is energy efficient, has long life span and is environmentally friendly. Therefore, if you are an electrical contractor or a lighting product supplier it is very important to have a good source of high-quality LED modules at wholesale competitive price and even getting very good shipping deals. This article will help the reader in determining the right supplier of LED modules to ensure he or she gets the best out of the product.


What to Look for in an LED Module Supplier

Competitive Pricing

Such factors include price, which is a critical component of consideration when identifying the appropriate LED Module Wholesale.. Another essential consideration is the affordability of the products; you should look for a supplier who can provide a product at a reasonable price that falls within the market standard. They should be equally well-equipped to offer you lower prices per piece or a smaller MOQ should you decide to order LED modules in large quantities. This is good for you in that you get the modules at a cheaper price while also making sure that your profit margins are high.


Trusted Brand and Quality

The LED module brand should be recognized as a reliable one and the products should satisfy all the requirements, such as LM80 reports. They should utilize high-quality materials and components from Cree, Nichia, Seoul Semiconductors, etc. This guarantees that the LED modules provide the greatest amount of lumens in addition to having long service life with high efficiency. 

 Range of LED Modules 

There should be a variety of LED modules available in different forms of shapes; wattage; lumen output; beam angle; color temperature & sizes in the supplier’s store. This makes it possible for you to purchase all the parts of LED lighting from one company thus cutting on the costs and the time taken. They should also have the abilities to allow the designing of LED modules depending on your projects as well. 


Benefits of Buying from LED Module Wholesaler  

Free Shipping

Some of the most important points that need to be noted about LED modules include the following: Some companies provide free shipping for large quantities of at least a specific weight. This will indirectly assist in reducing overall cost, especially those costs associated with transportation. Usually, the free shipping is offered to the orders of more than $200-$500. Some suppliers also make sample supplies to check quality standard.


Technical Support

An ideal LED module supplier should have a well-trained technical support team to handle any issues that may arise concerning the following: selection of the ideal module, installation processes, among other concerns that may arise during or after a transaction.  



There are many outstanding LED wholesalers or retailers and most of them give warranty up to 5 years on their products. This option offers you the ultimate confidence that the modules shall offer the much needed long-term output. Warranties typically apply to issues with the products that are either material or have to do with workmanship.


Flexible Payment Terms 

The supplier should provide some payment options like T/T, PayPal, credit card and the like to the buyers. Other factors include payment terms that reliable suppliers offer to the resellers where they give an invoice after shipment delivery is made. This keeps working capital intact, more so, when purchasing in large quantities.


Top Reasons to Choose Our Company as Your LED Module Supplier

As one of the <a href=”https:As one of the top <a href=”//www. alibaba. com/showroom/led-module. html”>LED module suppliers</a>, we are competitive in price, offer high and stable quality, expanded service variety, as well as credible services.

Unmatched Quality

LED modules for us are procured only from the elite brands and these brands are renowned for delivering the best quality LEDs in the market along with the best of quality consistency. Our in-house quality control verifies each product to remove defective items out of our production line. We also supply full sets of: DATASHEETS, LM80 test reports, RoHS reports for your consideration.  


Comprehensive Portfolio

We have worked with over 20 LED manufacturers from all over the world, to provide a wide selection of over 4000 modules that can be used at home, at work, in factories, greenhouses, and even in cars. We also offer general modules and have some modules of our own design developed for specific customers.


Volume Discounts

They are quite affordable as we order the stock in large quantities from the manufactures, thus lowering our costs of production. The rates drop with every step up the ladder of the number of orders. This is passed on to customers through discounted prices that varies with the quantity in what is called tiered volume discounts to help increase on the amount of savings.  


Superior Service Standards

The order receives individual attention from our efficient and committed sales and service team, which results into quick replies and delivery. We provide assistance on choosing the right product and we can avail ourselves to solve any problems that may arise after sale. Superb infrastructure ensures our products reach the consumers in non-defective condition and strictly on time throughout the United States of America.



It is our expectation that this guide has given the necessary understanding of what to consider when selecting an LED module supplier to work with in your firm. Take advantage of our superior rates, extensive collection, and exemplary professionalism to achieve your optimum value. We offer all lighting parts and ensure that you expand your profit earning base. Call right now to our team of experts for further clarification of the requirements, and let’s begin!

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