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Data Analytics : Individuals looking for upskilling and career transitioning should consider the online data analytics course in Pune. The Oxford of the East comprises diverse companies integrating data analytics in mainstream operations. Learning just a foundational course (if you are an existing IT professional) and an advanced course (trying to switch from other fields) can get you the most desired data analyst role. Pune offers volumes of opportunities in the digital world. Thus, there is no scarcity of scopes in the city concerning data analytics jobs.  

This article will take you through the right data analytics courses existing in the city along with its benefits and other side features that come without any asking.

What is Data Analytics?

It is the study of data sets. To be more specific, the process of analyzing data sets to extract conclusions regarding the information they have glowingly with the help of specialized software systems. In the rapidly evolving digital world, it is one of the key expertise that everyone must have. These skills can be applied to any sector, for example, healthcare supply chain, human resources analytics, e-commerce, and many more. The main functions of data analytics are:

  1. Data collection
  2. Data Preprocessing
  3. Machine learning
  4. Data Imaging
  5. Data Reporting and Interpretation

Why Data Analytics in Pune?

The three main reasons behind this are the presence of the IT community, the Center for Educational Hub, and the presence of a vast industrial sector. The city is roof to several reputed organizations providing quality education, and training in technology and analytics. With the powerful existence of IT companies and tech parks, the city offers numerous apprenticeship and placement opportunities. The highly educated tech community also arranges for frequent conferences and workshops, promoting multiple networking possibilities.

Variety of Online Data Analytics Course in Pune

  1. Certification Courses- A short-time rapid education course is mostly conducted as a certification program. This coursework is ideal for experienced professionals who have little knowledge of the affairs of data analytics and its applications.
  2. Diploma Courses – These courses are generally 1-year programs and consist of discussing all the vital topics in brief. However, they focus extensively on practical learning.
  3. Online Courses – Both certification and diploma courses can be in online format, along with postgraduate courses. This format gives learners flexible learning options and manages their regular schedules at the same pace.

Best Data Analytics Classes in Pune

Let’s introduce you to the collection of the best data analytics courses in Pune that offer great learning.

  1. Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research
  2. Pune Institiute of Buisness Management
  3. Imarticus Learning
  4. MIT World Peace University
  5. Jigsaw Academy

Curriculum Outline

It starts with an introduction to basic data analytical techniques, their relevance, and their application. Foundational concepts in statistical analysis, hypothesis testing, and probability are also taught in this program. Practical learning includes data handling, processing, machine learning, and data visualization. These are very important steps performed in every industry while interpreting information out of data sets, regardless of industry domain. Domain specialization is another attribute of their curriculum, where learners get exposed to genre-specific data sets and gain knowledge on dealing with the data sets based on the industry domain-based regulatory practice and compliance.

Talking about tools for data manipulation, Python, R programming, and SQL are applied. Teaching machine learning algorithms will help learners construct automated models that perform all the data analytics activities. This comes under advanced data analytics learning. The Power BI, Tableau, and Matplotlib tools are utilized when aiming for data visualization.

Big data technologies are also part of data analytics but for more complex and large data sets. These data sets require special handling by using tools like Hadoop and Spark that are fit to tackle large and complex data. After learning these concepts, learners are given capstone projects for hands-on practice. This allows them to get regularized with real-world data sets and challenges equal to industrial relevance. Also, it makes the portfolio of enthusiasts stronger. Their presence in the resume makes them showcase their ability to deal with industry-level data analytics problems.

Admission Method

The prerequisite to eligibility to pursue this coursework is having a basic understanding of computer science, programming, and statistics, and little understanding of probability. For this reason, institutes often demand a bachelor’s degree with a consistent good history of academics from data analytics aspirants.


Getting expertise through data analytics classes in Pune makes your career adventurous and promising in the evidence-believing world. The educational institutes across the city have engineered diverse programs based on the needs of every individual like certification, diploma, and degree programs. Choose a curriculum that aligns with your preferences, and needs and fulfills all the attributes that are discussed in this article. Join the nearest data analytics course in the city and start your data analytics learning ride.

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