Effective Tip To Enhance Security Of Your Commercial Building

Commercial building should have a comprehensive security system to ensure the safety of everyone visiting the premises. While many commercial buildings try to enhance security on their property, sometimes they fail to take the appropriate action when there is any kind of breach.

If you are managing a commercial building, such as a shopping mall, cafe, hotel, or office building, here are some essential security measures to take to ensure a secure environment on your premises.

Develop a comprehensive security plan

The first step towards ensuring security in a building is developing a security plan. You should invest in developing an inclusive security plan that includes exterior as well as interior security measures.

A comprehensive security plan can ensure that your building is protected all the time and your security team knows their job. The head of security should supervise the plan personally and make sure that every team member is aware of the protocols. You should also invest in training your employees to practice the best security measures.

Invest in a centralized security system

You should have a centralized security system in your commercial building. Installing security cameras on each floor and entry-exit points can ensure that your building is under surveillance all the time.

You should check the coverage of each security camera and ensure that there are no blind spots. The surveillance of each camera should be supervised in a central control room. You should make sure that a team of security personnel is always looking at the surveillance and ensure that all cameras are working efficiently.

Develop access control system

Every commercial building has restricted areas that should not be accessible to everyone. Therefore, you should develop an access control system in your building. Restricted entry and exit are compulsory to maintain security at your premises.

Hire a commercial locksmith to check the locks of each door and install electronic locks. Make sure that you have a card key system in your building. This allows a better access control system in the building and restricts entry of irrelevant personnel.

Hire unarmed and armed guards

Make sure that your building is supervised by armed as well as unarmed security guards all the time. Armed security guards can give a hint to potential intruders and troublemakers about your comprehensive security plan. Make sure that armed guards are always present at the entry and exit points.

Moreover, you should also deploy unarmed guards on each floor of the building. Unarmed guards are equally important to maintain the security of your building. They provide a safe environment for your customers in a non-threatening way.

Revise the the security plan regularly

Lastly, make sure that you revise your security plan regularly. Old plans can be compromised as any irrelevant person can get their hands on your security plan and cause a serious threat.

Regularly updating the security plan ensures its effectiveness and makes sure that your building is protected all the time. Make sure that you revise the plan after regular intervals that can not be easily decoded by a layman.

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