5 Interesting Facts About Citrine Gemstone – Know Here!!

Here are some interesting facts about Citrine Gemstone

The Citrine gemstone is a beautiful yellow-colored semi-precious stone that is known for its beautiful warm yellow color. The gorgeousness of the stone is popular worldwide and hence this bead is used highly in making jewelry and ornaments.

The citrine stone is found in many regions of the world like Russia, the USA, Myanmar, Bolivia, Brazil, and Madagascar. The Brazilian Citrine is the most popular one because of its color and transparency.

Also known as Sunhela in Hindi, this stone is also valued for its astrological significance.

In this article, we will discuss about the Sunela stone aka Citrine gemstone, what benefits this gemstone provides, and why you should consider wearing this stone.

Astrological Benefits of the Citrine Stone

The ruling planet of an original citrine stone is the astrological planet Jupiter. Anyone who has the negative effects of Jupiter in their birth chart or horoscope must wear this stone to remove these effects.

Other than the removal of negative effects of the astrological planet there are many other benefits of wearing citrine stone.

It increases the intellect of the wearer, improves their focus and concentration, and therefore is highly recommended for students and researchers. Also, whatever you manifest, this stone will help you get it, whether it be just a small thing or your deepest wish.

Financial Growth 

The citrine stone brings abundance and prosperity to the wearer. It is said that citrine stone provides wisdom to the wearer, and brings opportunities to them which will help in growth and success.

You will have career advancement and will grow financially. The stone will also give you financial stability by helping you overcome any debts you might have and get rid of your unnecessary expenses.

Spiritual Benefits

The citrine stone saves your soul from negative energies. It will remove your self-doubts and fears, and encourage you to face your insecurities.

Your spirit will feel freer when you will be relaxed as the stone will keep all types of negative aura away from you whether it is evil spirits or negative influences by people around you.

Also, it will develop your spiritual senses and guide you on the path of god. Your senses and intuition powers will be enhanced as well.

Relationship Benefits

The Citrine stone is also known for its ability to increase harmony in bonds and relationships closest to you. It will decrease conflicts and misunderstandings and helps in increasing euphony.

Especially between a married couple, the citrine will increase understanding and love and increase their compatibility. Hence, it is said that if couples are having problems together, they should wear this stone, as it will also help them with conception.

Emotional Benefits

If you are suffering from emotional turbulence, the citrine stone will help you gain balance.  Controlling your mind with practicality, the stone will help you get stable and calm.

Your positive energy will be protected which is self-confidence and motivation and so your personality will be developed.

The citrine will help you be more open, and self-aware. You will be able to take criticism optimistically. As well as you will also be able to balance your emotions on your own.

You will feel more joyful and more at peace after wearing this gemstone.

Healing Properties

The citrine gemstone also has healing properties that help the wearer stay fit and healthy. The stone balances the solar plexus chakra in the body of the wearer.

Citrine provides relief in any pains in the body as well as cures any problem related to the stomach.

It increases the energy levels of the person and stamina as well as regulates metabolism.

The stone also helps in supporting the endocrine system.

Citrine Gemstone Price

The Citrine gemstone is a valuable stone that is in demand these days. The price of citrine stone in India starts from the range of INR 500 per carat and goes as high as INR 6000 per carat.

This difference in the cost of the stone is because of the cut, color, and clarity of a particular citrine gem. The origin and quality of the citrine can also affect its worth.

Summing Up

The Citrine stone for its mystic properties and elegant look is used all over the world. Though the healing properties and astrological benefits make the stone more worthy.

Also, the color of the gem is strikingly beautiful which will add grace to your look. And the affordable price of the stone will make it easier for you to add it to your collection.

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