What to Do if Your Mobile Phone Is Stuck on T-Mobile EDGE?

T-Mobile EDGE

T-Mobile EDGE is a data standard that provides speed up to 384 kilobits every second. T-Mobile EDGE was developed to improve the GSM that was used and to provide better data speed for mobile devices. The mobile phone service provider offers EDGE as a means of customer service; however, these days the service is no longer cutting-edge technology as the new technology and faster data standards as internet service providers have now introduced 3G, 4G and even 5G that provides people faster and better internet access. The recent subscription that people use these days is 4G LTE but, there are some people who still see T-Mobile EDGE on the status bar of their device even if they have now subscribed to 4G LTE. This means that your mobile phone is still stuck with 2G reception even with the 4G LTE subscription.

Well, if your device is also still stuck with a 2G reception then, it is very problematic as you will not be able to get faster and better internet speed and this is why in the guide, we are going to tell you about the same. We are going to mention how to get rid of t-mobile edge when you want to use 4G LTE internet.

What is the Reason Behind T-Mobile EDGE Appearing on Your Device?

The first thing that people want to know is the reason behind the issue as they can only prevent the issue from happening in future if they are familiar with the reason hence, we are going to tell you why you are still getting 2G reception even after subscribing for 4G LTE.

There can be a number of reasons why you are still getting “T-Mobile EDGE” on the status bar of your device. The main reason behind the issue is that you might be in an area with poor a 4G LTE connection and this is why your device has probably switched to a slower data coverage to maintain the internet on your device and not lose the internet connection completely. Another reason behind the issue can be your SIM card. If there are some issues with your mobile phone and SIM Card then, you might not be able to connect to the subscribed 4G LTE connection. Now, that you are familiar with the reasons behind the issue, let’s move forward and get to know the methods that you can use to change back to your 4G LTE connection in place of TMobile EDGE.

What can you do if your mobile phone is stuck on T-Mobile EDGE?

We are mentioning different methods that can be used by people and we suggest that you use these methods in the same order that we have mentioned here.

1. Verify your Mobile Network

The first thing that users need to do is to verify the network connection of their device and if you do not know how to do the same then, we are also mentioning the instructions for the same. Access the Settings on your mobile phone and look for ‘Network & Internet’ after which, you need to access Cellular Network.

You need to ensure that your mobile data is turned on and you have the correct network selected on your device. You should move to a better area if you see poor coverage in the application.

2. Restart your Smart Phone

A lot of people have observed that restarting their devices has fixed the issue that people are facing and this is why we also recommend that you shut down your mobile phone and then, restart it as this will allow your device to connect itself to 4G LTE internet.  The mobile data connection will be chosen again by the device and this is why this method is a very useful method that users can use. 

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