What Are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Names and Colors?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Names

In the world of diverse and new pop culture there are some characters which have stolen our hearts and in this blog we will be discussing one of these characters. 

Yes, you have guessed it right, we are talking about none other than teenage mutant ninja turtles. The four funny looking turtles are very well trained in the art of ninjutsu which is a type of martial arts practised by ninjas. 

The different characteristics of these ninjas are there in their well defined personalities, abilities, their colours and obviously their names. 

In this blog we will look at ninja turtles names and colors and along with which we are also going to explain the meaning of the colour of each ninja so why don’t we get started with it. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Name And Colour Explained 

Below mentioned are the names and colours of all four ninjas so in order to understand it clearly you should read the content given thoroughly. 

1. Leonardo – The leader 

Name – The first one is Leonardo who is an inspirational leader and is often known by his nickname which is Leo. He shows the true qualities of a superhero and his character is said to be inspired from the renowned Italian genius Leonardo Da Vinci. 

Colour – The blue colour bandana represents his personality as a hero, showing that he is a smart strategy maker and provides guidance even in the hardest times. 

2. Michelangelo – Hero who is fun loving 

Name – Mickey is his nickname and is one of the sassy characters which are there in teenage mutant ninja turtles and he is popularly known for his party obsession. He has a fun loving and happy personality as compared to all his brothers. 

Colour – He loves orange colour hence, he wears an orange coloured bandana around his eyes which makes him different in the group like sunshine bringing happiness to people around him. 

3. Donatello – Tech lover 

Name – Donatello also has a nickname which is Donnie and he is the smartest one among the four ninja turtles. His intelligence and his love for inventing new weapons which helps the team has made him a core member of the team. 

Colour – To have an intellectual look he wears purple bandana around his eyes and purple is obviously a cool and vibrant colour which exactly compliments Donnie’s personality and skills. You can call him Einstein of the team who has great technical skills. 

4. Raphael – A warrior who is fierce 

Name – Just like his strong name, Raph has a strong and independent personality, he is a fierce warrior and his tough look makes him look different in the team of the four ninjas. 

Colour – Red is the colour which matches his bold and tough personality which is why he wears a red bandana around his eyes. He is fearless and never hesitates to say what he has in his mind. 

These are the ninja turtles names along with their colours and personality explained and after reading this you must be able to know each ninja in a better way. 

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