Rituals Of Wearing An Emerald Gemstone

The beautiful gemstone emerald is made from the mineral beryl. The striking green color of the emerald gemstone sets it apart from all other jewels. Its physical properties, along with diamonds, make it the most valuable and valued gemstone. India, Columbia, Brazil, and Zambia are the primary mining countries for emerald stones.

It has a Moh scale hardness of 7.5 to 8. In astrology, the emerald is also highly valued. In India, the gemstone emerald, also known as Panna, is related to the planet Mercury and represents wisdom, contentment, intelligence, education, and optimism.

Wearing an emerald has various advantages. The stone is also supposed to symbolize dedication and affection, and people who wear it close to their skin are more likely to succeed. It is the birthstone for those born under the signs of Gemini or Virgo.

What is an Emerald Gemstone?

Emerald Stone is a green gemstone that belongs to the beryl gem family. In Hindi, the Emerald is known as Panna Gemstone. The Mercury Planet’s jewel is emerald. Emerald is one of the most expensive stones in this region due to its healing and defensive properties. It can also help with urinary problems and some heart problems.

Things to Consider While Wearing Precious Emerald (Panna) Gemstone

  • The Ratti should be one-twelfth the weight of the user.

  • It must be set in a gold or silver ring on the working hand’s little or ring finger.

  • Emerald should never come into contact with the flesh of your finger.

  • It must be worn on Wednesday at the hour prescribed by the astrologer.

  • Chant “OM BUDHAYE NAMAHA” while wearing an Emerald Gemstone.

  • As previously said, emeralds must soak for at least 10 minutes in Ganga Jal or cow milk before wearing.

  • Regular cleaning with soapy water and a gentle brush is recommended for emeralds.

Rituals for wearing an  Original Emerald Gemstone

The Emerald should be worn with a gold ring. The stone should come into contact with the wearer’s skin. The Emerald is best worn two hours after sunrise. If Ganga water is not accessible, the Emerald should be cleansed with any Holy water before wearing it. After washing the Emerald, it should be wrapped in a green cloth with a red sandalwood paste-written mercury yantra.

The following yantra should be written on green cloth with red sandalwood paste:

9 4 11
10 8 6
5 12 7

First, the yantra must be worshiped with a tilak, and then the flowers and Emeralds should be placed in front of the yantra. The gemstone should be worshiped by saying the Mercury God’s mantra 108 times.


“ओम बुम बुधाय नमः ओम”

Emerald Gemstones should be worn on the right hand’s little finger. The pooja should be performed towards East, North, or North East, with the person seated on a green mat, woolen fabric, or blanket.  To satisfy the world, one should contribute green cloth/green moong to any beggar or pandit in a temple.

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Where To Buy an Original Emerald Gemstone?

The Emerald Is a green hue gemstone which was commonly known as Panna Stone in Asian countries The Emerald Stone is associated with the planet Mercury which is also known as Guru Grah in Hindi. This precious Green gemstone gave so much Wealth, knowledge, and Confidence benefits to its wearer.

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