Tripadvisor Reviews: The Secret To Get Better Ratings For Business

Online reviews are game-changers for businesses and brands. Before booking a hotel, 9 out of 10 travelers consider online reviews. Nearly 35% of tourists won’t book your hotel if your website has zero reviews.  If you are into the business of activities, tours, or hospitality then Tripadvisor is one of your best friends. The business listings on Tripadvisor majorly are restaurants, hotels, and vacation rentals. 

Over the internet, Tripadvisor is one of the most popular travel review sites and it has more than 600 million active monthly users. This makes every hospitality business or brand embed Tripadvisor reviews on their websites crucial. Improving your Tripadvisor can help you to build trust among customers and drive success. Read this blog to learn more about the tips for getting Tripadvisor reviews and their benefits. 

What Are Tripadvisor Reviews? 

The online reviews that a traveler provides about a particular hotel or restaurant as per their own experience on Tripadvisor then it is referred to as Tripadvisor reviews. Tripadvisor is undoubtedly one of the leading travel and hospitality information websites around the globe. Tripadvisor’s review feature is one of the key components in its success that permits any user to provide reviews for any travel business. 

How To Build Trust Among Customers For Getting Tripadvisor Reviews?

In this digitalized era, travelers won’t trust brand advertising and B&B listings, before making their booking, they require advice from other travelers. More than 82% of travelers think that Tripadvisor reviews are crucial. There are tips mentioned below to boost your Tripadvisor rating by receiving positive reviews from customers. 

1. Give Exceptional Customer Service 

In improving your Tripadvisor ratings, the most essential step is to make sure that you really are giving your customers an amazing experience. It means that you have to pay attention to the small details and personalize the experience of guests based on pre-researched information. 

2. Be Genuine

You have to try something different to make an impression on your customers. The rental owners or hoteliers need to be unique and creative to offer something different to their customers that will stick with your guests for days or even months after their departure. It is essential you convey your brand clearly to your customers and be genuine.

3. Gift Them Something Upon Their Arrival Or Departure 

This marketing trick is very important and effective to make your guests feel like you are genuinely invested in them. Providing them a little gift like chocolates, a beautiful bottle of wine, a room decor, or a poetic welcome note will make sure that you are doing something out of the league to make their stay and holiday special. 

4. Present Your Place Truthfully 

There is nothing hurtful for a customer to find out that the actual place is looking more different than the place in the pictures. Make sure that the images on your website or on booking sites are authentic so that your guests are aware of the place they will stay. Make sure that you provide the correct information about your place on B&B listings like the distance from the beach, local activities, or any other information. 

5. Evade Negative Reviews 

By following simple steps, you can easily avoid the negative reviews. Here are some tips. 

  • When Guests Arrived- Ask your guests if there is something they need before they head to their rooms to make their stay experience better. 
  • During Stay Period- Ensure by checking that your guests are enjoying themselves. If there are some issues and concerts then quickly resolve them. 
  • Departure Time- You can ask your guests how they feel and what they enjoyed at your B&B upon their departure. If they give positive feedback then you can send a follow-up email. 

How To Recieve More Tripadvisor Reviews?

More the reviews, more the customers you get. The number of Tripadvisor reviews you get, the more prospective customers will trust your Tripadvisor ratings. To get a healthy number of reviews, here are some of the ways: 

1. Asking Feedback From Your Guests 

Ask your guests to provide feedback when they are checking out from your property. You can give reminders to your guests to let them know that your property is visible online so they can share their stay experience over there too. Don’t forget to show their Tripadvisor reviews on your website through a review widget with the help of a review aggregator tool. 

2. Respond To Reviews Quickly 

When your customers see that you promptly respond to your Tripadvisor reviews then they will surely leave a review for your business. Thank the customer when you are responding to Tripadvisor reviews even if the reviews are negative. You should act politely and professionally despite the review

Ending Note: 

From other guests, travelers love to hear directly because it helps them in addressing their concerns or issues. The aforementioned are some tips and tricks to build trust among your customers and boost your Tripadvisor review ratings. Responding to Tripadvisor reviews is essential so that your prospective customers will get an idea that you provide value to their opinions. What are you waiting for? Start today!

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