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Gardens by the Bay offers an exceptional experience in nature, whether you're seeking calm, adventure, or freedom from the city


Gardens by the Bay in Singapore attracts tourists from around the world with its stunning flora and supertree forests. Before going on this mesmerizing journey, you must arrange your visit, starting with ticket selection. 

To maximize your Garden by the Bay Tickets experience, we will explain ticket kinds, pricing, inclusions, booking alternatives, and ticket comparisons in this comprehensive guide. For nature lovers, photographers, or those seeking a peaceful vacation in lush foliage, this site has all the information you need to plan a trip. Let’s explore Garden by the Bay and make your trip unforgettable!

Ticket Types

Gardens by the Bay offers a variety of tickets to suit guests’ interests. Planning your visit requires understanding these ticket categories. Here are the main ticket options:

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest: 

This ticket lets you enter the famous glass conservatories. Visit the world’s largest columnless glasshouse to see diverse flora and climates.

Supertree Grove Walkway: 

This ticket lets you walk around the stunning Supertree Grove. The elevated promenade offers spectacular views of the vertical gardens.

OCBC Skyway: 

This ticket lets you walk along the OCBC Skyway, hung between the Supertrees, for a thrilling experience.

Garden Rhapsody Light and Sound Show: 

For an unforgettable evening, get tickets to the Garden Rhapsody light and sound performance, where the Supertrees come to life.

Ticket Pricing

Planning your budget and getting the greatest deal at Gardens by the Bay requires understanding the ticket pricing structure. A breakdown of ticket prices:

Standard Tickets: 

Basic entrance to the main attractions. The price depends on the ticket type: Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, Supertree Grove Walkway, OCBC Skyway, or combinations.

Child Tickets: 

Gardens by the Bay is family-friendly since it offers discounts for children ages 3 to 12.

Senior Citizen Tickets: 

Seniors 60 and older can visit the gardens at a lower cost.

Resident prices: 

Singaporeans and permanent residents may receive discounted prices, making their visit more affordable.

Bundle Packages: 

Gardens by the Bay bundle packages provide discounted tickets to numerous attractions.

Annual and Friends of the Gardens Memberships: 

Enjoy unlimited access, food and merchandise savings, and more.

Tickets Include

Understanding what’s included in your Gardens by the Bay ticket helps you plan your visit and appreciate its value. Ticket inclusions breakdown:

Access to Conservatories: 

The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are available depending on ticket type. Admire various plants and interesting landscapes.

Supertree Grove Walkway: 

Tickets with this feature include access to the elevated walkway between the Supertrees, offering panoramic views and a unique viewpoint on the gardens.

OCBC Skyway: 

The OCBC Skyway lets you walk among the Supertrees’ canopies for an exciting experience.

Garden Rhapsody Light and Sound Show: 

Some tickets include the nightly Garden Rhapsody show, which illuminates the Supertrees with lights and music.


Check if your ticket includes guided tours or educational programmes to better comprehend the gardens’ ecological importance.

Additional Benefits: 

Some ticket options provide discounts at on-site eateries, gift stores, or other exclusive benefits.

Booking Options

Gardens by the Bay tickets can be booked easily with multiple alternatives. This guide covers booking methods:

Online Booking: 

Gardens by the Bay’s website makes ticketing easiest. This lets you choose your date, time, ticket type, and safe online payments.

Mobile Apps: 

Gardens by the Bay may have mobile apps with ticket purchasing, interactive maps, and event information.

On-Site Ticketing Booths: 

Tickets can be purchased at the gardens’ entrances for a spontaneous visit. However, expect lines, especially at peak periods.

Travel Agencies: 

Authorised travel agents may sell ticket packages including transportation and guided tours.

Hotel Concierge: 

Singapore hotels may offer ticket booking services, making it easy to plan your vacation.

Annual Memberships: 

If you visit often, consider joining for unlimited access and incentives.

Compare Tickets

Tickets to Gardens by the Bay can greatly affect your visit. To assist you choose, let’s compare ticket options:

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest: 

Nature lovers will love this ticket to see various ecosystems and magnificent floral displays at the two classic conservatories.

Supertree Grove Walkway: 

In a hurry or wanting to focus on the Supertrees, this ticket lets you explore the high walkway with stunning views.

OCBC Skyway: 

A spectacular view of the Supertrees and gardens from the OCBC Skyway is included in this ticket for thrill-seekers and photographers.

Garden Rhapsody Light and Sound Show: 

Garden Rhapsody Light and Sound entertainment: Buy a ticket for this magical nighttime entertainment.

Bundle Packages: 

If you wish to visit many attractions, bundle packages may be cheaper than buying individual tickets.


Frequent visitors and residents can save money by joining and getting unique benefits.


As we complete our detailed introduction to Gardens by the Bay, this Singapore botanical wonderland provides many activities for visitors of all interests. There’s something for everyone, from the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest to the Supertree Grove and Garden Rhapsody light show.

Understanding ticket kinds, pricing, inclusions, and booking options lets you customise your visit to your budget. Gardens by the Bay invites solitary travellers, families, and nature lovers.

Follow our visiting advice to enjoy this urban sanctuary more. Gardens by the Bay offers an exceptional experience in nature, whether you’re seeking calm, adventure, or freedom from the city. Start your journey and make memories in this lush paradise.


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