Things to Know Before Going to Apple Service Center

In the case of any repair, the people are more concerned about customer service and warranty after repair. There are many Apple Service center in Dubai are professional and efficient in repairs that is related to MacBook Pro MacBook air or the mac mini. Before purchasing any MacBook most people think about the best configuration for their requirements. The majority of users choose to purchase an Apple MacBook Air as its cost-effective compared to MacBook Pro retina. As a standard, you receive one year of guarantee on the device, which doesn’t cover physical or liquid damages.

Apple authorized Service Center can be the most suitable location to seek any Apple device repair, if it is within warranty. If your device is not covered under warranty, it is best to look for a third party repairs center for Apple. Many of these repair centers are equipped with the necessary tools and components to fix any issues associated with MacBook within a few hours or even the same day. Here are a few steps you must do prior to giving your MacBook to a repair shop at Apple. This will speed up the process and your data will be secure.

Backup Data:

Making backups using any Apple MacBook or MacBook air is very simple. Anyone can do a time machine backups on an external hard drive that is able to be restored later or be accessed via connecting externally. We strongly recommend that you store your backup data on the WD portable hard drive. If the problems with your MacBook are due to replacement of the battery, replacement of the keyboard or screen repair, there is no need for any backup. Time machine backup can take between 1 to 2 hours. If you’re performing manual backups, be sure you copy the image library because all images in photo apps are saved in there.

Warranty of Repair:

If you are planning to hand over your device to repair to a third party, be sure to verify the warranty for the repair. The majority of authentic Apple support centers located in Dubai can provide you a guarantee of 3 months to six months. If a repair facility offers less than that, we recommend that you look at other alternatives. Numerous technicians are able to diagnose the problem on phone. You should ask the technician if they can offer any assistance in troubleshooting for a variety of issues, such as the boot not being able to start or freezing could be fixed by doing SMC reset and PRAM reset.Also visit macbook reapir dubai.

Make sure you backup your data

Though most service centres will remind you to back up your data, it is recommended that you do the same before visiting a service centre. It is always better to back up your data prior to the service appointment so that you don’t have to waste your time at the centre. Many times, it so happens that people forget to back up their data and then regret losing it simply because even the staff dint notify them. To avoid such mishaps, it is better to store your data carefully.

Recognise if the issue is Solvable without the help of a Service Centre

Some people are extremely anxious about their devices and head to service centres even if the problem is extremely minor. Before making an appointment see if the problem is solvable with simple techniques. Problems like the hanging of the device, battery drain, etc can be solved using simple tricks.

Quality of Parts:

In any repair it is essential to consider the quality of components is vital because they affect your device’s performance. After repair, ensure that the Apple center is using grade-apart or original parts because they are dependable and last longer than Chinese components. If you need to replace a battery and MacBook charger, a 6 month to a year warranty is essential. Check with them prior to taking care of a repair. There are many issues like screen Replacement, repair of keyboards and so on can be completed onsite to determine if they have an in-person repair facility. This will allow you examine the parts prior to putting them in. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you liked this post We invite you to join our Facebook page to receive updates similar to this.

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