Social Media: Instagram Features and Specifications

With a diverse range of unlimited features and user-friendly user interface Instagram has touched 2 billion users globally. Initially, it is known for posting beautiful pics and videos, but now it is widely used for marketing purposes, and reels and posts are published to target potential customers.

Instagram possesses a wide array of features  & specifications like filters, video posts, Instagram stories, Instagram Reels, Instagram Live, IGTV, and much more that is beneficial to promoting their business.

Due to its increasing popularity and huge user base uses of acronyms have surged in recent years. You might have come across the slang, CFS on Instagram. CFS is the most popular feature on Instagram.

You must be curious to know What does CFS mean on Instagram. Read the Post to understand the meaning of the acronyms.

What Does CFS Mean on Instagram

The simple word cfs meaning on Instagram is “Close Friend Stories” which is a great way to post your story to view only your close friends. It is a private story that can be viewed by people whom you have added to see the post. 

CFS is a great way to post your story to not be viewed publicly but rather to your close friends whom you have tagged.

It is an amazing feature of Instagram that lets you create a story that will be visible to only your close friends not to all. The story you will post will not be visible to the general public on Instagram.

Not every story you post on Instagram wants to be viewed publicly, some of them you might want to post only for your close friends and Instagram is the platform that lets you do so. You can make a list of close friends only on Instagram and post stories to be viewed only by them.  

Other Best Features of Instagram

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are video posts in which the video published within 15 minutes is considered as reels.  Among all, Instagram reels are a surprisingly more popular feature that lets you create a reel of about 15 seconds to 90 seconds and post it to view publicly.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is the most trending and highly used feature for marketers and brands that lets you stream your video directly to your audience’s feeds. Companies and content creators use this feature to host workshops or interviews and more. Live sessions are more transparent and reliable and have the potential to target the audience.

To Summarise

Hence, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms that can be used for communication, business, entertainment, and much more.

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