Private Schools in Abu Dhabi Compare With The Best Anywhere

When it comes to Abu Dhabi schools, they truly stand out, comparing favourably with the best educational institutions anywhere in the world. This distinction is especially evident among the private schools in Abu Dhabi. While the emirate is globally recognized for its opulence and high standard of living, it also serves as a destination where expatriates from around the world work and reside, often with their families. The presence of excellent Abu Dhabi schools is one of the factors contributing to the contentment of many expatriates who choose to live there and provide their families with an exceptional quality of life. Let’s explore some of the finest private schools in the world, with a particular focus on the international ones.

1. Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi

The Global Indian International School in Abu Dhabi is widely recognized as one of the finest international private schools in the region, providing classes from pre-nursery to grade 12. As a part of a globally renowned network of Abu Dhabi schools, it boasts a fabulous campus complete with world-class amenities and facilities, along with some of the most experienced and qualified teachers in the field. This private school Abu Dhabi offers its students the renowned Global Montessori Plus program, as well as the CBSE curriculum. With a strong international ethos, the school fosters an environment where children from various nationalities can learn, grow, and reach their full potential.

GIIS, Abu Dhabi, offers its students a contemporary and holistic education that places significant emphasis on both academics and extracurricular activities. The school’s success in providing students with an exceptional education is evidenced by the outstanding academic performance of its students, as well as their ability to secure admission to some of the best colleges and universities worldwide.

2. British School, Al Khubairat

British School, Al Khubairat, is arguably one of the finest schools in Abu Dhabi. Established over fifty years ago in 1968, it has become the standard for what constitutes a high-quality school. The school offers world-class British education (from primary to sixth form) to more than 1900 pupils aged 3 to 18 years.

Every aspect of the school, from its cutting-edge infrastructure to its exceptional teachers, is of the highest caliber. British School Al Khubairat, the private school Abu Dhabi par excellence  believes in providing its students with a holistic education that encompasses both academics and extracurricular activities in ample measure. The school’s success is evident as its students consistently gain admission to some of the best colleges and universities around the world. It’s no wonder that the school is highly regarded, both among the local community and the expatriate population residing in Abu Dhabi.

3. Elite Private School, Abu Dhabi

Elite Private School in Abu Dhabi stands as one of the premier institutions, offering education from kindergarten to grade 12 within the Emirate. The school follows the American curriculum and boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure along with some of the finest educators available. It has garnered a formidable reputation for providing students with a holistic 21st-century education that nurtures them into achievers. This achievement is evident in the school’s track record of student performance in both academics and extracurricular activities. Furthermore, the school has a remarkable history of securing admissions for its students in the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities.

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The private schools in Abu Dhabi are performing a sterling role by providing the children and young people living in the Emirate a world class education that will help them secure their future in a highly competitive 21st century world. This is as true of the expat children living in Abu Dhabi, as it is of the local Emirati ones.

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