Practical vs. Luxurious: What to Include in a Baby Hamper

A newborn’s arrival is a moment of joy for the entire family. This time demands to pamper the mum and the baby with exquisite gifts. One of the best ways to celebrate this happy occasion is with a premium baby hamper. This is the perfect way to offer tons of gifts to the family inside a beautiful box. With their increasing charm over time, they have become an ideal gift for nearly every milestone your baby hits. Are you wondering why newborn gift hampers make the best presents? Let’s get into the details.

Why Baby Hamper Make The Ideal Present?

Motherhood is a miracle. No doubt, it is a beautiful yet difficult journey for mothers especially if you are new to all this. Along with being rewarding, it becomes tiring too. Every mother requires extra support and care as she hops on this overwhelming venture. By offering them an exciting gift hamper, you can prepare them to embark on this new journey. Also, you can never go wrong with gifting baby hampers as they contain all the practical as well as luxurious items. These baby products will ease the lives of mommies as they contain all the must-have essentials for the beginning years of the baby’s life. 

Baby hampers are functional, practical, and luxurious. Besides containing baby essentials, they also include fun-filled items. Either you create your own hamper or pick a readymade one, it is sure to cheer up the new mommy. Gift hampers are thoughtful and have been treasured by the family for years. So, if you are building a hamper from scratch, you need to include both practical and luxurious items. Before getting into the guide to creating a hamper, let’s figure out the perfect store to purchase a hamper from. 

Lovingly Signed

From designing your own baby hamper to picking their ready-to-go gift set, Lovingly Signed welcomes you to its delightful collection of baby gifts. Their catalogue includes the best baby essentials and entertaining items for the little one. The adorable yet practical baby items at this store have stolen our attention. Furthermore, you can customize these items, especially for your little baby. Lovingly Signed offers amazing gift hampers that are an exceptional way to greet a new family member. So, visit their website and shop for your favourite one. Curate your own hamper with Lovingly Signed!

Practical Items to Include in a Baby Hamper

The first impression of your hamper should be practicality. Therefore, ensure that you include items that are useful for moms and babies. Here are a few mandatory nursery items you should add:

  • Clothes: Include comfortable clothing like babygrows, bodysuits, pyjama sets, etc. Make sure the clothes are easy to wash as babies can be messier. 
  • Blankets: A cozy blanket is a must. Add soft blankets made of 100% pure cotton that help to swaddle or cover the baby.
  • Towels: Bathtime essentials need to have a separate place in the hamper. A thick and luxurious towel not only dries the baby after a bath but also keeps them warm till clothes are put on.
  • Bibs: No baby can eat without creating a mess. Protect their clothes by using a comfy bib to take hold of all food and liquid that fails to be swallowed. 
  • Teethers: Every baby requires extra love and care during the teething process as it is very painful. Soothe their teething gum with a soft, rubbery teether.

Luxurious Items to Include in a Baby Hamper

Along with being practical, you can also include luxurious items to elevate the beauty of your hamper. Though not necessary, hampers can still go well with only practical items. But if you want to make it extra special, there are a few other items you can include in your hamper to give it a luxurious touch:

  • Plush toys: Sumptuous soft toys are not only a comfort zone for babies but also a delightful way to spend playtime.
  • Storybooks: For sound and peaceful sleep, baby storybooks help babies fall asleep in no time.
  • Comforter: Mommies cannot be available 24/7 to cheer up their little ones. When moms are busy with household chores, a comforter helps to pacify the baby in their low moments.
  • Bath mitt: Bath mitts help to wash the baby during the bath. When disguised in the form of a shape, they make bath time a fun and enjoyable moment for babies.  

Luxurious things are a plus, but hampers are incomplete without adding practical items. To get the perfect blend of items, shop the best baby hamper from Lovingly Signed. Whether you design your own or pick their premade ones, they offer the ideal baby items. Celebrate this life-changing moment of mommies with Lovingly Signed. 

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