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In the realm of Indian real estate, the name Atul Chordia stands tall as a beacon of respect and innovation. As the owner of Panchshil Group, he has orchestrated remarkable transformations within Pune’s infrastructure, leaving an indelible mark on its skyline. From office parks to hotels, residential marvels to retail paradises, Atul Chordia’s vision has revolutionized Pune’s urban landscape under the umbrella of Panchshil Company.

At the heart of Panchshil Company lies an unwavering commitment to luxury. Panchshil Group projects, whether they are extravagant residential ventures, striking commercial endeavors or uniquely branded hospitality undertakings, redefine the meaning of opulence. Characterized by meticulous attention to detail, and an emphasis on uber luxury, Panchshil Company has managed to carve a niche for itself in the realm of premium living. Atul Chordia emerged as an architect of Panchshil’s hospitality success story. His unbridled passion for innovation, an eye for intricacies and a refusal to compromise on luxury even in the face of discounting policies have propelled Panchshil’s hospitality business to the forefront of the game. 

The Panchshil group owner recognized an increasing demand for upscale hospitality in Pune. With only a few viable options available he recognized the need for a new era of luxury. The strategy was simple yet effective: strategically adding several rooms in geographical locations where business was thriving, creating an organic demand. Atul Chordia aligned hotels with Panchshil’s commercial establishments. He ensured proximity to the thriving business ecosystem. Construction was set in motion for multiple hotels, launched one after the other.

The timeline of Panchshil’s achievements is a testament to Atul Chordia’s dedication. In 2004, collaborations with global hospitality giants like Marriot commenced, laying the foundation for the courtyard Marriott first of its kind in Pune. The following years witnessed an array of milestones: the launch of Pune Marriott Hotel and Convention Center in 2010, followed by its upgrade to JW Marriot in 2013. Sound marketing strategies played a pivot role in the high occupancy rates right from the launch, which drove up the demand for upscale hospitality experiences. The rise of events, conferences and weddings also contributed to a robust revenue stream.

Despite challenges posed by a surge in room availability, Pune’s hotels have held their ground. The city’s hospitality market remains steady. Mr. Atul Chordia’s journey with Panchshil Group has not only shaped Pune’s hospitality landscape but also cemented Panchshil’s status as a paragon of luxury and innovation. From pioneering concepts to creating iconic landmarks, his journey is a testament to unyielding dedication, strategic vision, and a commitment to excellence. As the path unfolds, The Panchshil Group Owner, Atul Chordia’s influence continues to reshape Pune’s skyline and set new goals for luxury hospitality. 

Panchshil Company’s Project Timeline

Year Projects
First Project  Unveiled the Satellite Towers, Mundhwa, Pune – the first residential project
2002 Developed tailored projects for AXA business services | Inaugurated South Asia’s largest convention centre, ICC
2003 Launched Tech Park One, a pioneering venture for IBM
2004 Attracted FDI from Merrill Lynch
2005 Introduced Pune’s first  internationally branded serviced residence – Oakwood
2006 Inaugurated EON Free Zone, India’s maiden IT & IT-eS SEZ
2007 Debut of yoopune by Philippe Starck, a groundbreaking concept
2008 Partnered with Marriott International for Courtyard by Marriott, Pune’s first Marriott property
2010 Unveiled the Marriott Hotel and Convention Center and the inaugural World Trade Center in Pune
2013 Upgraded Pune Marriott Hotel and Convention Center to JW Marriott | Added Trump Towers Pune to the Panchshil portfolio
2014 Acquired Mumbai’s Iconic Express Towers
2015 Collaborated with the Government of Maharashtra for 4 IT parks in Mumbai and Pune
2017 Partnered with Blackstone for the acquisition of the First International Financial Centre (FIFC) in BKC, Mumbai
2018 Launched pioneering Yoo-branded villas, a global first
2019 Initiated construction of Maldives’ Amari Raaya and introduced The Ritz-Carlton Pune
2020 Innovated the multi-utility SOHO concept
2021 Collaborated with GIC, Singapore to unveil EON West


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