Must-Have Computer Accessories at your Repair Store in 2023

A computer repair store not only fixes desktop and laptop systems but also sells several accessories. People working from home, offices, and organizations always look for stores where they can find some of the best reliable computer accessories that help them complete their jobs and achieve their targets.

And being a computer repair shop owner, you can make a good profit by selling these accessories. Also, repair shop software can help you generate more sales and boost your customer base by managing all the ongoing processes. Below are some of the computer accessories that your store must have.

Monitor Stand Riser

Using a computer without a desk stand riser can seriously impact a user’s sitting position and increase eye strain. This is one of the primary reasons why this table is in high demand and is used in every workplace. It can lift the monitor’s screen to 5 inches, reducing eye strain and back pain.

As far as the price is concerned, you can sell this device for $12 to $22, depending on the build quality. These tables also have side pockets holding smartphones, cooling fans, mouse, laptop chargers, etc.

Laptop Cooling Pad 

This is one of the most demanding accessories laptop users look for. A cooling pad allows a computer to work efficiently and absorb heat from the system using a single or more fan. Moreover, it simply plugs into a laptop’s USB port and does not consume much power.

At your repair store, your customer will easily pay you around $8 to $15 to get this device. And you can make a decent profit by buying this accessory in bulk from a wholesaler and selling it for a reasonable price.

Additionally, you might face challenges when you have to keep an eye on several small parts and accessories in your shop. To keep the processes streamlined and timely and manage the inventory, you can employ point of sale system software, which will notify you whenever you are running out of stock. 

Wireless Mouse and Keyboard 

These days, computer users prefer using wireless mouse and keyboards over wired ones. These devices include a USB pass-through port feature to connect with a system. Also, these are some of the best-selling devices one can find at a computer repair store.

To enhance the battery timing and life of wireless mouse and keyboards, you should turn off the devices when not in use. And to help customers make a better choice, you can offer discounts on these accessories at your computer service center.


Several people like listening to music while working or need additional speakers to watch videos, movies, or play games. According to research, 45% of users listen to music while working. This means that if you are not selling speakers at your shop, you are losing profits and customers as well.

You must equip your stock with USB, Bluetooth, and wired speakers to boost your revenue. And if you employ computer POS software at your store, you do not have to contact different vendors repeatedly. This system will help you order the required accessories from your desired vendor with a click of a button.

Laptop Charger

Electronic devices such as desktop computers and laptops are prone to failure and need repair from time to time. Similarly, their accessories, such as hard drives, chargers, and RAM, can fail too. Also, laptop systems are portable, so people often need help finding their chargers, making them one of the most demanding accessories at any computer repair shop.

For this reason, if you are running a computer repair lab, having laptop chargers is a must. You can sell chargers of laptop manufacturing brands, namely HP, Dell, Toshiba, Acer, IBM, and Sony, and make a decent profit. In addition, you can offer warranties, special discounts, and exchange policies to retain your customer and boost your client base.


There are very few repair stores that sell a USB hub. Some don’t even know such a type of accessory exists. On the other hand, at workplaces, users need this accessory as they have to use several devices simultaneously. So, this can be your piece of cake.

You can advertise this accessory using social media marketing, which also helps you rank your website. Moreover, you can employ repair shop software, and it can automatically send promotional messages and emails to your targeted audience, boosting your sales.

Final Words 

Computer repair is an evolving business offering technology lovers a bright career path. And as their usage has immensely increased, one can generate a considerable profit by repairing computer systems and selling their accessories.

So being a repair shop owner, if you are looking forward to growing your business, you must equip your store with the accessories mentioned above. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article. If you want to add more to it, let us know by commenting below.

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