Kheerganga Trek: Discover The Mystical Beauty Of Parvati Valley


Escaping from the modern world to a peaceful valley is a sentimental need of every human. If unaware, explorers need to excavate a beautiful hamlet situated in Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh known as Mini Israel of India: Kheerganga Trek.  This trek surrounds one with its beautiful impression, creating a mystical beauty in their mind. Further up in this article, explorers are going to find out why this land is popular amongst trekkers and what is the reason for its mystical beauty.

Trail to Kheerganga

The great journey begins from Barshaini, a small village that is well connected with Bhuntar and Kasol. The trekkers make their way to Kheerganga through a moderate trek surrounded by pine forest right from the beginning. Besides, the path is well marked for the novice and seasoned as they cross through manmade bridges over gushing Parvati River.

The overall length of 12 kms provides an easy access to lush green forests, cascading waterfalls, and the melody of birds. With so much to offer within less effort (as compared to other treks), it draws many trekkers from all around the world. Further up, the forest unveils rhododendron and deodar trees standing tall to their eyes, making every step worth it.

The Enchanting Hot Springs

As one lead up to the top, they are greeted warmly by the sulphurous hot springs surrounded by huge peaks. Trekkers generally pauses themselves at this point to process this stunning settlement in their eyes. The real fun begins when they also take a dip in the pool and relax all by themselves, soaking into the ambience.

The speciality of hot springs here is that they heal one’s ailment of any kind. Blessed with healing properties, this nature’s jacuzzi reflects its therapeutic characteristics.

When night follows and the dim star suddenly appears overhead, trekkers get a soothing feeling in the pool. It hits differently during this time than the morning.

Land of Lord Shiva

Trekkers takes a glimpse of spirituality while visiting a quaint temple dedicated to lord Shiva. Here they worship to Lord Shiva after taking a cold dip in the river. They get blessings from the priest and good wishes for their safe journey.

This temple is very well-known for its mythological richness. It is believed that Lord Shiva meditated here for thousands of years, and the natural hot springs is believed to be the result of his divine powers. This alone makes this place spiritually powerful that attracts Shiv Bhakts from all corners.

The Cultural Extravaganza

One of the specialities of this trek is the warm hospitality shown by its local people. They greet the trekkers with a heart melting smile and are ready to share their beliefs and customs. Basically, they belong to indigenous communities of Himachal Pradesh who lives in the secluded part of mountains.

Trekkers can learn about their lifestyle much better while living in guesthouses and homestays along the trail. Localites eagerly share their stories and teach them about their folk tales and songs. It may form a sense of connection that leaves an unforgettable impression.

The Night Sky Spectacle

As night falls over Kheerganga, one can feel the charm already. People party to delicious delicacies and shake their legs to local folk songs. Its like nature’s disco amid the Himalayan terrains.

Not just that, on being tired, one lie stargazing, feeling the essence of dark in the middle of chilled nights. The star seems biggest and brightest piercing their light through the milky way galaxy.

In the background sound of River Parvati, trekkers then end their night in a cozy tent. The next day will be the returning day to which saving energy with a sound sleep is a nice idea.

Saving the Beauty

A gem like Kheerganga should be saved at all costs. Following are certain responsibilities which are expected of trekkers:

  • Waste Management – It is advisable to trekkers to collect their waste in a waste management system.
  •  Avoid visiting restricted areas – Leaving a low impact is always recommended.
  • Respect the environment – Don’t pick flowers or disturb the wildlife.
  • Sustainable practices – Avoid using plastics and other non-biodegradable products on visit.


The Kheerganga Trek is a trek to remember. It forces one to be etched in their diary through its indescribable beauty in the Himalayan surrounding. Be it spiritual or be it adventure, both quests are fulfilled in this journey through setup of ancient shrines and mythological connection, and steep and rocky terrains. It is highly recommended for a spiritual rejuvenation.

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