Emerging MBA Thesis Topics for 2023: Trends and Insights

This study explores the importance of MBA thesis topics in reflecting current trends and insights, focusing on emerging areas that will shape the academic landscape in 2023. MBA programs equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate complex business challenges. The study aims to identify emerging MBA thesis topics that will shape discourse and practices in 2023 by analyzing recent literature, surveys, and engaging with industry experts. The goal is to inspire future thesis topics by analyzing emerging themes and prevalent issues, encouraging students to explore uncharted territories, propose innovative ideas, and contribute meaningfully to the ever-evolving realm of business management. The ultimate goal is to equip future business leaders with the knowledge and vision to make a positive impact on the global business landscape.

Current Landscape of MBA Thesis Topics

MBA thesis topics have evolved over time, focusing on various business-related subjects such as strategic management, marketing, financial management, human resource management, operations management, and entrepreneurship (Leverage Edu, 2023). In recent years, emerging and interdisciplinary areas have gained prominence, such as sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR), technology and digital transformation, leadership and organizational behavior, big data analytics, fintech and financial innovations, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Key challenges in contemporary MBA research include the complexity of topics, rapid technological advancements, ethical considerations, globalization and cross-cultural dynamics, sustainability and CSR integration, and digital disruption. By addressing these contemporary topics, MBA research can provide valuable insights and solutions that positively impact businesses and society.

Emerging Mba research topics for 2023

  1. Analyzing and creating sustainable business models that take into account both social and environmental factors.
  2. Digital Marketing Strategies: Researching contemporary social media trends, tailored advertising, and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.
  3. Impact Investing: Investigating the expanding trend of making financial investments in companies that also have favourable social and environmental effects.
  4. AI and Business Strategy: Examining how artificial intelligence affects operational efficiency, decision-making, and business strategy.
  5. Remote Work and Organizational Effectiveness: Investigating the benefits and drawbacks of remote work options as well as how they affect overall productivity and employee satisfaction.
  6. E-commerce and Supply Chain Management: Examining how e-commerce affects logistics, supply chain plans, and customer satisfaction.
  7. Investigating the merits of inclusive leadership approaches in fostering inclusion, equity, and diversity within businesses.
  8. Corporate Governance and Business Ethics: Examining how sound corporate governance procedures and moral decision-making in firms relate to one another.
  9. Circular Economy and Waste Reduction: Investigating the use of circular economy strategies by enterprises to reduce waste and improve resource efficiency.
  10. Data Privacy and Business Compliance: Investigating how data privacy laws affect business practises, client confidence, and compliance measures.
  11. Crisis Management and Resilience: Examining how organisations might increase their capacity for coping with and recovering from unanticipated crises like pandemics and natural catastrophes.
  12. Investigating the role of smart technologies in altering urban infrastructure and enhancing sustainability and livability in smart cities.
  13. Promoting Employee Well-Being and Work-Life Balance and Reducing Burnout in High-Pressure Work Environments: Examining Strategies.
  14. Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets: Investigating the opportunities and difficulties faced by businesspeople in developing nations, as well as the possibility for equitable progress.
  15. Impact of Climate Change on Business: Examining how climate change may affect risk management, sustainable business practises, and operational processes.
  16. Healthcare Management and Digital Health: Examining how to incorporate data analytics and digital health technology in healthcare management.
  17. Financial Services Innovation: Examining how decentralised finance, blockchain technology, and fintech are reshaping the financial services sector.
  18. Studying how inclusive and diverse corporate boards affect decision-making and organisational performance. Diversity and Inclusion in Corporate Boards.
  19. Analyzing sustainable practises and responsible tourism in the hospitality sector. Sustainable tourism and hospitality.
  20. Understanding changes in consumer behaviour and preferences in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic is the focus on consumer behaviour in a post-pandemic world.

These new MBA thesis themes for 2023 reflect the Dissertation Proposal problems and developments in the business world and give students the chance to explore cutting-edge topics that will influence business and management techniques in the future.

Implications and Significance of Emerging MBA Thesis Topics

Emerging MBA thesis topics hold immense implications for business theory and practice, shaping business education and curriculum, and addressing real-world challenges. By focusing on topics like sustainability, digital transformation, and impact investing, MBA students can analyse trends, conduct in-depth research, and propose innovative approaches for real-world business scenarios. Thesis topics for masters in business administration pdf also shape the future of business education and curriculum, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to tackle complex issues and drive innovation in their careers.

By addressing real-world challenges, such as remote work, circular economy practices, fintech innovations, and inclusive leadership, MBA research can be applied in real business environments, fostering innovation, improved business practices, and critical issues faced by industries. By exploring the latest trends and insights in MBA research, students, educators, and researchers can drive progress, create meaningful impact, and build a sustainable and prosperous future for businesses and society.

Future Directions and Challenges

MBA research faces several challenges in the future while creating Dissertation report for mba marketing. Predicting trends and staying attuned to the evolving business landscape can guide researchers and educators in preparing students for the challenges ahead. Monitoring technological advancements, consumer behaviour shifts, global economic trends, and sustainability concerns can offer insights into relevant areas for future research. Balancing traditional and emerging topics in MBA programs is crucial for preparing students for the evolving business landscape. MBA programs must continuously review and update their courses to integrate relevant research on emerging trends and practices.

Navigating ethical considerations is essential for balancing knowledge and innovation with ethical responsibility (BAW, 2022). By addressing these future directions and challenges, MBA research can drive innovation, shape business practices, and make a meaningful impact on the global business community.


MBA thesis topics are essential in the evolving business world, offering valuable insights and solutions. Identifying emerging topics for 2023 provides a broader perspective on challenges and opportunities, impacting business education and curriculum. Balancing traditional and emerging topics is crucial for understanding business fundamentals and preparing for the dynamic environment. Ethical considerations must be prioritized


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