Do I Need AdSense to Monetize YouTube?

Yes, but the procedure is a lot trickier. You only need a Google account, a website, a phone number, and an address to get started with Google AdSense for websites. There is a significant entry barrier to making money from YouTube directly.


Essentially, it’s the same as having advertisements on your website or another website; the main distinction is that the advertisements are videos rather than text, images, or animated gifs (repeating short videos). You only receive payment from Youtube if your videos are accepted and you make money. YouTube uses the following two metrics or characteristics to decide your pay:

  • The quantity of ad views (i.e., hits or views your monetized video gets): Technically speaking, CPM refers to the payment for the number of ad views. To make it easier to measure and quantify, advertising corporations like Google and YouTube pay you for every 1000 views; you receive a certain sum. The sum is determined by the niche the YouTuber occupies.
  • The number of clicks on ads: The second payment measure is also referred to as CPC. YouTube provides you with a fixed sum of money each time a viewer clicks on the link to the advertiser’s website. It includes the number of people who continue to watch the video after the allotted five seconds. Be careful that it differs critically from CPM, which we discussed earlier. Also, you’ll get compensated for it. Depending on the audience’s location, this money is paid. And it also varies on the industry you work in! It depends on your domain, locality, and advertisement type. A gaming advertisement will be paid less than one for a car or an online trading site.


What Is AdSense on YouTube?

YouTube AdSense is a function of the YouTube Partner Program that enables channel owners to monetize their youtube content by running advertisements on their videos. The hosting of video adverts on your website is extremely dissimilar from this. To take part in the program, you must have an active YouTube channel with videos posted on it. It can be a source of additional income if you already have a YouTube channel for your brand or yourself. Advertising is merely one of the ways that the YouTube Partner Program allows you to make money.

Users can pay for a subscription to a channel that grants them special rights, pay to have comments or live chat messages highlighted, or even run a storefront on YouTube.


Qualifications for YouTube AdSense

You must fulfill a list of requirements before your channel is approved for evaluation to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program and begin using YouTube AdSense. Your YouTube channel must already be active, have videos uploaded, have at least 1,000 subscribers, and have received at least 4,000 hours of total viewing time in the last 12 months. The requirements before you may apply to the program are broken down by Google as follows:

  • Observe all the monetization guidelines for YouTube channels. The YouTube channel monetization policies consist of rules that let you monetize on YouTube. As part of your agreements as a YouTube partner, the YouTube channel monetization policies must be followed to make money on YouTube potentially.
  • Reside in a country or area where the YouTube Partner Program is being served.
  • According to the community guidelines, there should not be any strikes on your channel.
  • Have accrued more than 4,000 legal hours of community watch during the previous 12 months.
  • The subscriber base of more than a thousand
  • An AdSense account is connected.

Meeting the requisite numbers for subscribers and viewing hours is the most difficult. The “Monetization” page of your YouTube Studio lets you keep tabs on how you’re doing concerning these objectives. By selecting this tab, you may see your progress towards the subscriber and watch hours targets and if you have any open community guidelines strikes. To increase your YouTube channel Subscribers you can know more.


Types Of YouTube Advertising

After being accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, you can decide what kinds of advertising and where they are displayed on your videos. You can change the settings, but the platform already does a lot of stuff. Your choices for ad placement are as follows:

  • Pre-roll (before the video)
  • Mid-roll (during the video)
  • Post-roll (after the video)

Adverts are generally less likely to be present in short videos, and mid-roll ads will only appear on something within eight minutes. YouTube ads can be divided into four main categories:

  • Users can skip skippable video commercials after five seconds, and are accessible on all devices.
  • Videos that can’t be skipped – Don’t allow users to choose. It lasts 15 or 20 seconds and is accessible on all platforms.
  • Users shouldn’t have the option to bypass bumper advertising. 6-second period. It is available on all devices and is automatically enabled alongside other ad kinds.
  • Overlay ads are picture or text advertisements in the bottom 20% of a video’s visual area. Available solely on computers.

Within YouTube Studio, you may configure several ad types for various videos and adjust your preferences in bulk.


How To Create An Account With YouTube AdSense

In brief, the prerequisites you must meet to open an account with YouTube AdSense and begin earning money are:

  • Unpopular YouTube channels that need a vibrant community.
  • 1000 subscribers.
  • Four thousand hours of legally required public surveillance.
  • An account on Google.
  • An AdSense account with Google.

When your channel has been approved for the YouTube Partner Program, apply for it in your YouTube Studio and wait for YouTube to review it. Once enrolled in the YouTube Partner program, you can use YouTube Studio to connect your AdSense account to YouTube. You can sign up for a Google AdSense account on YouTube if you don’t already have one. In the end, choose a Google account to connect AdSense to after completing the password and authentication steps. You can start making money from your YouTube videos by adding adverts once you’ve completed these procedures.

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