Family Vacation Idea: Spend a Day at Just Chill Water Park Near Delhi

Playing in water can never be boring and what could be a better option other than a water amusement park to spend time with your family? 

Well, we have got a fantastic water park near Delhi which you could opt for as your vacation destination and spend an entire day there with your family members.

The water park we are talking about is Just Chill Water Park, even if you do not know about this park you do not need to worry as we have collected all the necessary details such as just chill ticket price and other required details which you should know before you get to the water park. 

Just chill water park – A good fun location for all 

It is an ideal location for picnics as there are rides and activities that people of all ages would like to enjoy and you can engage in these activities all day at this water park. 

Also, the park is maintained well and is kept clean and spotless which makes it a good place to spend time. 

In addition to all this, you will also find some learning activities here such as you can go with your children and learn how a cow is milked or even a get, you can try pottery here or you could also try some ceramic skills, moreover spinning wheel and plantation activities are also there. 

The best part is that ticket just chill water park are affordable and not very high, which means you can plan a picnic here with your family. 

Rides available in just chill water park for the visitors – 

There are plenty of rides here that children as well as adults can try including black thrill, Katrina twist which is shaped like a circle, rainbow, Godzilla ride, Romeo Juliet Ride, ziz zag, Wave Pool Ride, mini aqua rides, especially for children, surfer paradise and many more. 

There are some major attractions and key features of this water park as well which are the caterpillar ride, swing chair, bull riding, and finally the old roller coaster ride Columbus. 

Whether you are an adventurous soul or you like to be safe or play safe, there are rides for all. It is just your choice of which one you select. 

Timings for the visitors when they visit the water park – 

The Just Chill Water is not closed on any day, which means you can visit there any day you want to, however, you must follow the time schedule for going to the park which is 10:00 am to 7:00 pm for all days. 

Entry ticket price of just chill water park for the visitors – 

We would now know the price of just chill water park ticket so that you are ready with the money you will need to pay. 


Weekdays (Mon-Fri) Weekends (Sat-Sun)
Children below the height of 2.9 feet  Free Free
Children above the height of 2.9 feet  400 500
Adults (above 4.6 feet) 600 700
Stag (boys) 800 900


There are adventure park activities as well in this water park for the visitors which consists of American Trolley, rope climbing, commando net, commando crawl, Taron zip line, Burma bridge, and others, and if you are an adventurous person you should not miss out on these activities. 

Reaching to the Just Chill water park for people – 

After the water park in delhi price, we would know how you could reach there, the easiest way would be to take a cab or you could get down at Jahangirpuri metro station and then take a bus or auto to reach the water park.

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